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Elite Firearms Training for Agencies & Private Citizens

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Understanding that it is often our darkest times that we need to be prepared for, Zero Illum Inc prepares its clients for those moments they may face. The green haze around the black Zero Illum logo is a nod to the night vision optics that allow our military and law enforcement to operate at night, seeing the potential threats around them. In this same manner our clients no longer will fear the darkness. Instead, they will learn to accept it, and if necessary, to thrive in it.

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"Had a great day today with Teren and Zero Illum. What a great class and instructor. Took the Level One pistol course and Teren took my pistol abilities to the next level. This class gives a great overview of several aspects related to pistol shooting and fighting. Teren is the most knowledgeable instructor I have ever shot with. (Most of my friends are police officers). He is the real deal!!!! Everyone reading this should REALLY take a course from zero illum. You will walk away thinking that is some of the best money you ever spent. You cannot put a price on QUALITY training and Zero Illum is not quality training but rather premium training. Thanks for a great day Teren!!!!!!!"

‎Steven S.

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