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Teren Holsey

Teren Holsey is the founder and President of Zero Illum Incorporated, a training and security-consulting firm that trains and consults customers ranging from civilian to special operations in various levels of firearms, tactics, and security concerns. 

Prior to devoting his work fulltime to Zero Illum Incorporated, Teren served 12 years in the Marine Corps at various units to include 1st and 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Raider Battalion, and the Marine Raider Training Center.

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During his time in the Marine Corps Teren was afforded the opportunity to attend several schools that qualified him in several Military Occupational Specialties. These skills greatly aided Teren in successfully completing three combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, one of which was the initial phases of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During these deployments, Teren performed duties as an Assaulter, Scout Sniper, Element Leader, and Lead Advisor to partner nation forces. Skillsets to include:

  • Reconnaissance Marine

  • Scout Sniper

  • Critical Skills Operator (Marine Raider)

  • High Risk Training Instructor

  • Master Breacher Instructor

  • CQB Instructor

  • Special Operations Combatives Instructor 

  • Advanced Special Operations Techniques

  • Advanced Intelligence Operator

  • Analysis of Armed Groups

  • Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Master

  • Urban Assault Climber

  • Military Freefall

  • Marine Combatant Diver

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​During his last two years in the Marine Corps as an Instructor at the Marine Raider Training Center, Teren trained over 250 Marines in the skills necessary to successfully conduct direct action missions as a member of a special operations team. As a member of the Training Center Staff, his duties afforded him the opportunity to cross train with various Tier 1 Units of both the United States and its allies, allowing him to gain different perspectives on the conduct of direct action operations.   

In addition to his military service, Teren also possesses 8 years of experience as a high threat security consultant for various federal entities, working in various conflict areas throughout the world. To provide the best product possible to his customers, Teren furthered his professional education by earning a Bachelors in Intelligence Operations, a Masters in Intelligence Counter Terrorism, as well as currently working on his Doctorates in Strategic Intelligence from American Military University. 

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