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Zero Illum Inc pistol and rifle courses offer ongoing marksmanship and firearms skill development for shooters at all levels. Private training for individuals and groups, along with custom courses are also available.

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Understanding that everyone has different needs, Zero Illum Inc offers custom/private courses to meet the specific needs of its clients. Rather it be a four-hour one on one session for the shooter that likes their privacy, bonding time between family members, or a few hours or days at the range meant for corporate team building, Zero Illum will work with you to meet your needs.

For more specifics and pricing please contact us below.

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  • Who are your courses designed for?

    • Each course is designed for specific skill levels and as such there is a description that details who exactly the course is designed for. However, we have courses designed for the person who has never touched a firearm up to those designed for special operations teams. Additionally, custom courses are available at the clients request.

  • What equipment do I need to attend one of your courses?

    • Following every course description there is a list of required equipment. Additionally, under the must read tab there is a more detailed description of acceptable and unacceptable equipment.

  • Do you have guns I can use?

    • With proper notice pistols and rifles are available for rent at a cost of $50 per day. 

  • Do you have ammo I can buy?

    • Generally speaking 5.56 and 9mm is available for purchase with proper notice. All other calibers are on a case by case basis. 

  • Where do you hold courses? 

    • While Zero Illum Inc is based in the Dallas area, we prescribe to the mobile training team concept, and will travel to the client. Understand that additional costs to the client are likely. 

  •  Do I get a certificate for course completion?

    • Yes each student receives a certificate.

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